Talent & Employer Branding Conference 2020


Creating a brand that resonates with talent in a new world

“Revamp a global employer brand”

Sarah Dovlo, VP of Global Employer Branding & HR Marketing, Telekom Group
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“The curious case of storytelling, employee branding and corporate activism”

Ana Adi, Academic, researcher, speaker
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“Employer Branding στην gig οικονομία”

Εύη Προκόπη, Success Coach
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“COVID-19 : Επιπτώσεις στο Ανθρώπινο Δυναμικό. Πώς αντέδρασαν και τι μας είπαν οι HR Managers;”

Ηλίας Σκορδάς, Research Director, Global Link
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“ΑΧΑ Greece-Talent Management & Retention”

Άννα Μανιάτη, CHRO & Αλέξανδρος Παναγιωτακόπουλος, HR Compensation & Benefits Specialist, ΑΧΑ Ασφαλιστική
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” When was the last time you fell in love? How to build Brand Love with Brand Ambassadors”

Marian Jarzak, Ex Rocket Internet, Ex Project A Ventures, Former Employer Branding Manager at Taxfix
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